Saturday, October 29, 2005

dvd::rip subtitles

In order to rip subtitles, dvd::rip needs subtitle ripper, which up until now, i could never get to compile. It kept saying that ld cannot find -lppm. Didn't know what on earth that meant. Google for -lppm didn't yield much useful.

Then i looked in the directory and saw a executable subtitle2vobsub and executed it. It said there was a missing library Now that was useful information. Google for that, and i found that a package called netpbm provides, among other things,

I am compiling it now.


Still fails to compile. Googled for subtitleripper slackware and got this interesting post

Appears that if you edit the Makefile and substitute "-lppm" with "-lnetpbm" it compiles. Tried it and it works!

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