Monday, October 31, 2005

dvd::rip versus acidrip

dvd;:rip is definitely easier and more newbie friendly. It also handholds you through the process of ripping to VCD or SVCD, while acidrip can do so, but does not holod hold your hand. You have to type in the mencoder command line options yourself to encode to VCD or SVCD.

Other differences? dvd::rip uses transcode, acidrip uses mencoder.
Also, a big difference: acidrip supports queueing so if you have many titles on a DVD, you can queue several jobs. dvd::rip does not suport this and so you cannot leave it running overnight to rip several titles like with acidrip.

Based on just this difference, I would say acidrip is the better of the two. In fact, i haven't seen any other dvd ripping frontend that supports queueing. DVD Rip-O-Matic and gbDVDenc don't either.

for deinterlacing on acidrip,check post filters and key in "pp=lb"

If acidrip keeps halting saying mencoder stopped interrupted by user, check that the bitrate is set to a proper level. If it is set to less than 4, it will not work.

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